What is Ocelandia Games?

Ocelandia Games  is a new company started by Michael Chambers to showcase games that he has created.   Card Games and Board Games are the current focus. There are other types of tabletop games currently in the planning and prototype stages and will be coming soon.

What is the current status of Ocelandia Games?

Currently, Michael is building  the company infrastructure. It’s not easy to take an idea and make it into a reality. But what’s even harder is trying to figure out how to market the games to get them in people’s hands so they can be played and enjoyed. Michael has relied on the help of some close friends and family to help make these games a reality and is still creating games and working on games each day. He wants each game to be fun and just right so it takes some time and money to do that. Most of you know Michael and know that he has not won the lottery so he has to be careful with money and ideas to take the best care of each. Each game that is ready has been copyrighted and is going through focus group testing to finalize.  

How can I be a part and get a chance to play the games?

First of all, Ocelandia Games needs You. It’s hard to compete for people’s attention especially in the social media world. We have just set up the sites for social media and hope that you will like and follow us there. We do ask for you to share this website and the social media links so that we may have the chance to compete against the big companies like Mattel and Hasbro. We may be small and just starting but we think we have some great games that everyone will enjoy. Please read more on the website and follow us and share. Below is a place where you can sign up for the newsletter. This will also give you the chance to give Michael feedback and ask questions.  Thank You for becoming Ocelandic. We appreciate you as a citizen of Ocelandia and a customer of Ocelandia Games. 

Contact us and sign up for our newsletter

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Ocelandia Games

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