Kingdom of Ocelandia


Type of Government

Ocelandia is a Monarchy under the sole rule of King Michael I.  Ocelandia daily orders are carried out by the Prime Minister, Sir Gregrey Rich.

Ocelandia Royal Family

The Royal Family and Entitlements include:

HRH King Michael I

HRH Queen Lori

HRH Crown Prince Hardie, Crown Prince of Ocelandia

HRH Princess Laura

HRH Prince Michael

HRH Prince Joseph, Chief Admiral of the Royal Order of the Seas

HRH Princess Emily

HRH Mermaid Queen Tabitha, Governess of the Mermaids and the Atlantic Province

HRH Count Nicholas

HRH Count Anthony

HRH Princess Stephanie

HRH Duke Tyler

HRH Duchess Brenda

HRH Prince Nathan Pearson 

HRH Princess Kelsey Pearson

HRH Princess  Betsy Jenkins White, Princess  of  Krakeuria

HRH Baroness Dixie Rury, Baroness of Ebasirea

HRH Baron Ron Rury, Baron of Ebasirea

HRH  Princess  Janine, Princess of Zecaria

HRH Princess Emma, Princess of Magromidia, Special Councilwoman to the Royal Order of the Seas

HRH Princess Haley, Princess of Karchavia

HRH Princess Faith, Princess of Bosvinich

HRH Princess Tina, Princess of Carribea, Governess of the Carribean Sea and the Virgin Islands

HRH Princess Ashleigh, Princess of Anceria

HRH Princess Tiffany, Princess of Belcitia

HRH Lord Brian, Lord of Parmisia

HRH Princess Angie, Princess of Saraphasia

HRH Countess lee lindsey, Countess of Marchallus

HRH Duchess Erin Telfer, Duchess of Rehaurisse

HRH Hailey Smith, Princess of Northianian and Dabinitus

HRH Countess Jill Sweeton Johnson, Countess of Niphaeria

HRH Count Daryl Johnson, Count of Niphaeria

HRH Lady Leslie Moreland Drumright, Lady of Vadibinia

HRH Lord Charles Drumright, Lord of Vadibinia

HRH  Countess Madeline McPherson,  Countess of Ricorbia

HRH Lord Darren Foster, Lord of Grelancia

HRH Princess Brittany, Princess of Chafgaria

HRH Princess Staci

HRH Princess Jennifer, Princess of Johari

HRH Princess Jenifer, Princess of Akbaron

HRH Princess Abigail, Princess of Amordonis, Secretary of Diplomatic Communications

HRH Princes Claire, Princess of Lambrea, Director of Social Information

HRH Princess Sloane, Princess of Loskinvina

HRH Princess Brea, Princess of Pejodocus 

HRH Duke Campbell, Governor of the Vortnion Territory

HRH Princess Abbey, Princess of Carinthos

HRH Lord Jeffrey, Minister of Beach Territories, Australia Region

HRH Priestess Ray

HRH Lord William, 

HRH Lord David

HRH Duke Braden

HRH Baron John Mark

HRH Baron Adam

HRH Princess MaKayla

HRH Princess Lily

HRH Lord Grant

HRH Lord Ashton

HRH Princess Angel

HRH Princess Angie Knight, Princess of Palibotia

HRH Princess Ashley Knight, Princess of Jimistovia

HRH Princess Bailee

HRH Princess Katey

HRH Princess Lindsey

HRH Viscount Alex Wilkins

HRH Duchess Nalene Hughes 

HRH Baron Hunter 

HRH Baron Evan 

HRH Lord Brian Bennett

HRH Lord Phil Barnes

HRH Lord Brad Mitchell, Territorial Director, Deep Sea Blue, Atlantic Region

HRH Lord Lynn Mitchell

HRH Duke Clarence Seal, Duke of Rebajgia

HRH Duchess Connie Seal, Duchess of Rebajgia

Government Officials

The daily management of the country is under the guidance of the Prime Minister, Sir Gregrey Rich.

Royal Order of the Seas

The Royal Order of the Sea Is led by Prince Joseph, Chief Admiral.

Distinguished members include:

Special Councilwoman Emma Fullington

Sir Dawson Carmack

Sir Dylan Carmack

About Us

The Kingdom of Ocelandia was created on Day 2 of the creation of the world. We believe in treating all creatures with respect and our primary focus is our citizens and our territories. Ocelandia consists of all water entities, the air above them and the land beneath them of this planet and others known. We are the largest and oldest country in existence consisting of approximately 72% of the surface of the planet Earth. We are governed by King Michael I