Deal With It


Strategy Wins

Fast paced card game involving strategy. 2 to 4 players.


Deal With It is an exciting game of matching numbers and forcing your opponent to play a different combination. The action is fast-paced in this card game and will cause you to think and plan as part of your winning strategy.  

How to play Deal With It

Deal With It 

Goal: After 3 matches have the lowest combined score.  Each match is 10 rounds or until a player uses all of his/her cards.


1.  Give each player a different color deck of cards.  The cards for each deck are labeled 1-16.  No need to shuffle.

2.  Take the green Chance Deck, shuffle the cards and place them face down in the middle of the table.

3.  Take the black Dealer Deck, pick out 10 cards at random and shuffle those cards.  Place the 10 selected cards face down in the middle of the table and the other dealer cards may be discarded to the box.


Choose a player to go first. Use any method you like, or whoever got the lowest scores in math  class goes first (that player might need the benefit of going first).

The start player will flip over a card from the black Dealer Deck. The start player will then choose a combination of his/her cards that have the sum of the Dealer Deck card.  This can be one card or as many as they choose to use to add up to the number on the Dealer Deck card. It doesn't matter as long as the player reaches the Dealer Deck total. 

                        Example: a 14 is flipped from the Dealer Deck.  A

                        player can use the 14 card from his/her hand or 

                        an 11 and 3 from his/her hand (11+3=14). 

All players will play a different combination of cards than all previous players to add up to the Dealer Deck number.  The next player clockwise of the start player will begin his/her turn.  All remaining players will continue until every player has played their card or combination of cards.  The round is over.

Rotate who is the start player to whoever is clockwise from the previous start player and repeat previous steps.

If you cannot play a combination of your cards that will add up to the Dealer Deck number, draw a card from the green Chance Deck. While this does act as your turn, there is a chance to get an advantage or disadvantage card.

                         Example: The Chance Deck includes: add 10 

                         points to your final score, subtract 5 points,

                         swap three cards with another player and many


If a player manages to play all of his/her cards, then this is the last round. The round will proceed like normal, and all cards will be added up to see final scores for the match.

Once you have completed a match, repeat the setup to begin your next match.  Lowest total score after 3 matches wins.