Tell Me A Story


Tell Me A Story


Tell  Me  A  Story  is  a  party  game  of  flipping  cards  to  find  what  words  you  must  use  in  a  story.  The  fun  begins  when  each  player  has  to  tell  the  story  as its  already  been  told  then  add  to  the  tale  with  their  own  imaginative  story  using  the  words  they  flipped.  The Laughter  runs  rampant  as  players  expand  the  story  and  add  to  the  craziness.

How to play Tell Me A Story

Tell Me A Story 

The game consists of 3 types of cards: nouns, verbs and adjectives/adverbs.  Start the game by separating the cards in to their three individual stacks and shuffling each stack, then laying them face down in the middle of the table.

The first player flips three cards over (one from each stack) and places them face up on the table. They have 30 seconds to think before beginning their story using the three cards that they just flipped onto the table. After they tell their beginning, the next player draws three cards (one from each stack) and places them face up beside the first player's cards. Now they must tell the story that the first player started and continue the story by adding their three words to enhance and lengthen the story.

Each player will have 30 seconds to think before starting to recite and add to the story. The story keeps expanding with each player having to repeat from the beginning and add their part to  what has already been said.  

If a player messes up, they are given one chance to redeem themselves but must draw an additional noun card that must be played with their three cards during that turn retelling and adding the new cards to the story. Each player is only allowed one second chance per game. If they cannot recall and add to the story completely, then they are out of the game. The game ends when only one player is left and they can tell the whole story.  The winner is the last successful storyteller.